Dear Eric, You may recall I'm very self conscience about my appearance and therefore very critical of any shell I would wear. [What many would call a tough customer!] Thanks to your skills, [both artistic and technical] you produced a wonderfull shell that even I am happy with. It's impressive how physicaly comfortable it feels and how natural it appears. You showed great patience and empathy to me thoughout the process which put me at ease and I appreciate very much. Thank you for your skilled, kind and ethical approach to the service you provided me, crafting my ocular shell. You are a true professional and a credit to your field.
Thank you sincerely, P. H.

I had a previous horror story with another ocularist. When I first came to Eric with my concerns he was very understanding. Three visits and a series of refitting, I got the most amazing product. It isn't painful to wear and matches my real eye. So grateful for his talent and work ethics. I definitely recommend him! I am so happy with Eric's work ethic ! He is not only a great artist but an awesome person! -S.G.

After losing my eye to cancer, I was waiting and waiting to come down from Chico to get my new eye! My experience was so incredible and so worth it to make the drive down here. Eric was so incredible. Watching him work to make my eye look EXACTLY like the other one was such an incredible experience. He is such an amazing artist! I also told him that my 3 year old told me I should get a rainbow eye, so instead of putting just a dot for orientation of the eye he put a tiny rainbow! It was perfect. I could never imagine that it would look so real and I am just in awe of the whole process. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this such a perfect "ending" to my whole journey! -Alyssa

Thank you Lucy, Eric, and Janet! The “eye” and I are doing well getting to know each other! I am very pleased and can never thank you enough for your professionalism, artistry, and caring. A miracle happened! -Claire

Getting lots of compliments and lots of 'something's different about you...' It's much more comfortable than the eye [another ocularist] made for me, and much more realistic... -Josh

My daughter had a piece of iron go through her eye when she was only 2 years old. It was the worst day of my life! We moved to Las Vegas and I found Eric Lindsey online and got my daughter right in to see him! He is AMAZING!!! He took the time and patience to make sure her lens was right. And it looks Fantastic! I cannot explain the feeling when someone says she has the most beautiful eyes! They have no idea that she even has a prosthetic eye!!! She has no problem wearing the lens you made her. I think when she looks at herself in the mirror she herself is amazed because it looks so real!!! Thank you so so much! -Kellie

Eric, this new shell is amazing! It looks and feels very natural. You have literally made my life easier. Thank you so much for once again going above and beyond. -Erin

Thanks to you Eric, my life has now changed for the better. You worked diligently to make my eye perfect. You are truly the best! -T.P.

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